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About the brand

Memobottle, an innovative brand from Melbourne, Australia, is on a mission to reshape our approach to water bottle use. Their story starts with a clear vision: to counter the environmental impact of single-use bottles by offering a reusable, practical, and stylish alternative. Founded on the belief that design can be both beautiful and purposeful, Memobottle has become a symbol of sustainable lifestyle choices since its inception

Why is this brand great for custom merchandise

As a favorite for co-branding with prominent companies like Klarna, Apple, and Squarespace, Memobottle presents a unique opportunity for businesses looking to reflect sophistication and eco-consciousness. Their flat, paper-inspired design not only stands out in form but also offers the practicality of fitting neatly into bags alongside laptops and books. Customization through printing on the front or back of the bottle allows for corporate logos to be displayed clearly, making Memobottle an excellent choice for company merchandise that wants to make a statement about sustainability and style​

Decoration options for this brand

Memobottle offers printing or laser engraving customization that can be applied to either the front or back of the plastic and stainless steel bottles, serving as a sleek canvas for any corporate logo. This customization capability aligns perfectly with the brand's minimalist and clear design, ensuring that your company's branding is both visible and tasteful. By choosing Memobottle for your corporate merchandise, you're opting for a product that not only carries water but also carries a message


As a certified B-corp, Memobottle is leading the quest for a more sustainable future. The company ensures all its products are BPA- and BPS-free, leaning on materials commonly used in infant products and medical devices for their proven safety and durability. Each purchase contributes to providing clean water through a partnership with, underscoring the brand's commitment to tackling global water scarcity. Memobottle’s dedication to reducing single-use plastic waste has diverted over 200 million single-use bottles from landfills, emphasizing their active role in promoting environmental sustainability
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