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About the brand

LARQ was born from a mission to innovate and simplify access to clean drinking water through cutting-edge technology, encased in thoughtfully designed bottles. Since its inception in 2017, LARQ has spearheaded the market with its self-cleaning water bottles, gaining recognition for its UV-C LED technology that ensures purity with every sip. This innovation positioned them prominently in the hydration industry, as evidenced by their successful Kickstarter campaign and ongoing contributions to global water access​.

Why is this brand great for custom merchandise

Renowned for its self-cleaning technology, LARQ stands at the forefront of health-conscious and environmentally sustainable merchandise. High-profile companies like Netflix, Morgan Stanley, and Spotify have crafted custom co-branded LARQ bottles, underscoring the brand's appeal to those who share a vision of innovation and quality. These collaborations highlight LARQ's ability to resonate with and enhance brand identities, ensuring that its products are a prime choice for businesses aiming to make an eco-friendly statement​.

Decoration options for this brand

LARQ excels in providing bespoke branding solutions with options such as printing and laser engraving, deliberately positioned to complement the brand logo. This level of customization, employed by multinationals for their co-branded initiatives, allows for a branding experience that is both prominent and integrated with LARQ's minimalist design. Such subtlety in customization ensures the brand’s sophisticated aesthetic is maintained while also offering a canvas for corporate identity.


LARQ is not only an advocate for sustainable living through its product line but also acts on its commitment by supporting environmental causes and the right to clean drinking water globally. Among other things, they are a partner of 1% For The Planet. Their dedication to reducing single-use plastic and improving health aligns with the values of eco-conscious corporate partners, including notable names in the tech and entertainment industry. Choosing LARQ for custom merchandise means aligning with a brand that is deeply invested in positive environmental impact
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