Kinto Active TumblerKinto Active Tumbler
Kinto Active Tumbler
From €34
Kinto Travel TumblerKinto Travel Tumbler
Kinto Travel Tumbler
From €22
Kinto Water BottleKinto Water Bottle
Kinto Water Bottle
From €15
Kinto Espresso CupKinto Espresso Cup
Kinto Espresso Cup
From €8
Kinto Day Off TumblerKinto Day Off Tumbler
Kinto Day Off Tumbler
From €26
Kinto To Go TumblerKinto To Go Tumbler
Kinto To Go Tumbler
From €26
Kinto Coffee MugKinto Coffee Mug
Kinto Coffee Mug
From €6
Kinto Ceramic MugKinto Ceramic Mug
Kinto Ceramic Mug
From €15


Custom Kinto Merchandise

About the brand

Founded in 1972, this Japanese brand excels at curating lifestyle accessories that are practical and visually pleasing. Health, nature, and aesthetics collide to create a cohesive collection. These products are intended to enrich our daily routine with functionality and style. Prominent companies like Shopify, Carhart, and Kinfill have co-branded with Kinto to add branded Kinto tumblers, mugs, and water bottles to their selection of merchandise.

Why is this brand great for custom merchandise

Kinto's product range of high-quality tumblers, mugs, and water bottles is great for branded corporate merchandise. Companies often choose Kinto for its consistent durability and minimalist designs. Ideal for a custom corporate gift, Kinto’s discreet logo puts the focus on your brand. An assortment of nature-inspired colourways and multiple customisation possibilities allows for endless branded merchandise options.

Decoration options for this brand

Customisation possibilities vary by object and design, but typically include the option to add your logo through printing or laser engraving. Printing is often the ideal choice if you want to add colours or larger designs, while laser engraving is preferred for stainless steel due to its durability. As a full-service merchandise partner, we’ll guide you through the process to ensure flawless branded merchandise.


Kinto’s products, such as their custom travel tumblers and water bottles, are designed to be durable and long-lasting, encouraging consumers to minimize single-use products. The company's thoughtful approach to materials and design also extends to its packaging, which is aimed at reducing waste. A custom Kinto product is considered sustainable especially due to its long-lasting design and given the nature that people will use it over and over again due to its high quality.
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