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About the brand

Karst Stone Paper was founded in 2017 by Kevin Garcia and Jon Tse, inspired during a visit to Taiwan where they discovered stone paper. Karst disrupts the traditional paper industry by using eco-friendly materials to create durable, waterproof, and recyclable stationery products. Their products, including notebooks and journals, are made from 100% stone paper, not only advocating for sustainability but also redefining the stationery sector with innovative materials and processes.

Why is this brand great for custom merchandise

Karst offers a unique proposition for custom merchandise with its stone paper products that stand out for their smooth, durable qualities. Known for their minimalist and clean designs, Karst products provide an excellent canvas for custom branding, such as printing, hot stamping, and debossing. Their notebooks and journals have been co-branded by major companies like Facebook, Google, and Porsche, making them a prestigious choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression.

Decoration options for this brand

Karst provides versatile decoration options that include printing, hot stamping, and debossing, applicable on the front or back cover of their products. These customization techniques are ideal for highlighting brand identities on Karst’s distinctive stone paper surface, ensuring that the branding is both elegant and durable. This makes Karst products especially suitable for corporate gifts and promotional items that aim to convey quality and sustainability.


Karst is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, exemplified by their use of materials and a production process that excludes trees, bleaches, and acids. Their operations are carbon neutral and they are B Corp certified, underscoring their dedication to high social, environmental, and accountability standards. Each ton of Karst stone paper produced saves significant natural resources compared to traditional paper, highlighting their substantial contributions to sustainability in the industry.
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