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About the brand

Moleskine's resurgence in the late 20th century revived a tradition of simple yet functional notebooks reminiscent of those used by cultural icons of the past. While the company stakes its claim on this rich history, it is a modern reinvention with notebooks entering production in 1997. Moleskine, headquartered in Milan, now symbolizes a blend of heritage and contemporary design, with its black notebooks as the staple product. Although it links itself to storied artistic figures, the actual use of these notebooks by such historic individuals is more a marketing narrative than documented fact

Why is this brand great for custom merchandise

Moleskine offers a range of products that present a neat, professional look suitable for personalization. The notebooks’ smooth covers and quality paper are fit for custom printing, debossing, or hot foil stamping, providing a tactile and visual appeal. Many major corporations worldwide have branded Moleskine notebooks. Most were chosen due to the high quality and by them valueing the Moleskine brand story, which has made it a meaningful choice for custom merchandise.

Decoration options for this brand

Customization of Moleskine products, with methods such as printing and debossing, allows for brand logos and messages to be added to either the front or back cover. Many people choose to print simple logos and deboss small areas to maintain the simplicity of the notebook. Moleskine’s products offer a clean, classic look. A unknown feature is that Moleskine are one of the few notebooks that can lay completely flat when opened.


Moleskine states a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, with claims of reducing the environmental impact of its operations and creating products that are FSC certified and acid-free. Besides that the most sustainable aspect of Moleskine is the quality of the notebook itself.
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