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About the brand

Tacx is celebrated for its expertise in the design and manufacturing of water bottles, particularly renowned within the cycling community. With all products designed and made in The Netherlands, Tacx emphasizes innovation with features like biodegradable materials and ergonomic, lockable spouts. Their offerings cater not only to professional cyclists but also to a broader audience keen on quality and sustainable outdoor sports accessories.

Why is this brand great for custom merchandise

Tacx stands out in the custom merchandise arena due to its strong adoption by the cycling world, where it is used by a majority of UCI WorldTour teams. This endorsement underscores its reliability and quality, crucial for companies that want to associate their brands with durability and professional approval. Their extensive customization options, including a variety of colors, make it a versatile choice for personalized branding.

Decoration options for this brand

Tacx offers advanced customization capabilities with options for screen printing, which is ideal for vibrant, long-lasting designs. They provide up to 12 color prints on their bottles, allowing for detailed and colorful representations of any brand. This method is not only effective in terms of visual appeal but also durability, making Tacx bottles a great canvas for showcasing corporate logos and messages.


Sustainability is a core component of Tacx’s business model. They produce bottles that are 100% recyclable and some area made from biodegradable plastics, reducing environmental impact. Their production facilities are based in The Netherlands, adhering to strict European standards for safety and environmental care, ensuring that every bottle is both safe to use and kinder to the planet.
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