Zip HoodieZip Hoodie
Zip Hoodie
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Oversized Heavy Hoodie DryOversized Heavy Hoodie Dry
Oversized Heavy Hoodie Dry
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Recycled HoodieRecycled Hoodie
Recycled Hoodie
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Heavy Hoodie
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Regular Hoodie
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Custom hoodies for your employees and customers

Custom Hoodies for Your Employees, Clients, or Partners

Branded hoodies are not just another wardrobe item; they're a cozy favorite among employees and clients alike. At Sugarcoat, we believe that everyone deserves high-quality apparel that stands out. Our premium custom hoodies are crafted from the heavy quality sustainable materials, ensuring they're not only comfortable but durable enough to be worn again and again, proudly showcasing your logo or design.

Why Hoodies a great for Merchandise and Corporate Gifts

Hoodies are perfect for any season and are loved for their comfort and style. They offer an exceptional to create a community around your company and brand. More than just a practical item, a beautifully designed hoodie with a standout logo becomes a statement piece that people actually want to wear, turning every recipient into a brand ambassador.

Carefully Curated Brands

We partner with top brands like Stanley Stella to offer hoodies that are not only stylish but also made ethically. We select our brands based on their commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring that every hoodie from our catalog not only looks good but feels great and lasts long. From classic fits, oversized dry hoodies to regular zip-ups, our selection includes a variety of styles to suit any preference, all available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Customization Options

There is various ways to customize your company hoodie. Choose from screenprinting, which is ideal for vibrant, large designs, or opt for embroidery for a more refined, durable finish. We also offer direct-to-garment and DTF for prints in lower volumes and multiple colors. Whether you want your logo on the front, back, or sleeve, we can tailor each hoodie to perfectly match your brand's aesthetic and the wearer's style.


At Sugarcoat, sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our hoodies are made from materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, which not only minimize environmental impact but also offer superior comfort and wearability. We ensure that all our products are produced under fair labor practices, so when you choose our hoodies, you're not just investing in high-quality apparel but also in a better future for our planet.

Design own custom Hoodies

Ordering custom hoodies with us is straightforward and stress-free. Our website allows you to easily browse and select from our extensive range, see pricing options, and customize as needed. Once you place your order, our dedicated team takes over to ensure everything from design to delivery is handled smoothly, with your premium custom hoodies arriving ready to wear in just 2-3 weeks.
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