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A wardrobe essential, perfect for customization and branding. All T-shirts are made from long-lasting and comfortable materials.

Heavy T-shirtHeavy T-shirt
Heavy T-shirt
From €9
LS T-shirtLS T-shirt
LS T-shirt
From €11
Regular T-shirtRegular T-shirt
Regular T-shirt
From €7
Oversized Heavy T-shirt DryOversized Heavy T-shirt Dry
Oversized Heavy T-shirt Dry
From €13
Recycled T-shirtRecycled T-shirt
Recycled T-shirt
From €7
Dropped shoulder T-shirtDropped shoulder T-shirt
Dropped shoulder T-shirt
From €11
Light T-shirtLight T-shirt
Light T-shirt
From €5


Custom T-shirts for your employees and customers

Custom T-shirts for Your Employees, Clients, or Partners

Custom t-shirts are a versatile and engaging option for corporate gifts or employee merch. They not only promote brand visibility but also foster a sense of team spirit and unity within the organization. Custom t-shirts can be personalized to reflect your company's ethos and style, making them a powerful tool for enhancing your brand identity. They are ideal for events, team activities, or as everyday swag that keeps your brand in the public eye

Why T-shirts a great for Merchandise and Corporate Gifts

T-shirts are a cost-effective marketing tool that offers wide visibility. They serve not only as a uniform but can also be sold as merchandise, creating an additional revenue stream for your business. Their practicality ensures they are worn frequently, providing continuous exposure for your brand. Moreover, custom t-shirts can help create a strong, memorable connection with customers, potentially turning them into brand advocates

Carefully Curated Brands

When choosing t-shirts for your business, selecting high-quality products that align with your values is crucial. Opting for suppliers who provide durable and high-quality materials ensures that the t-shirts withstand frequent wear and washing, making sure your team, cutomers and partners actually wears these. It's beneficial to partner with brands known for their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, enhancing your company's reputation as socially responsible​. Among others, we're partnering with Stanley Stella who not only deliver high-quality t-shirts, but also fully sustainably certified products.

Customization Options

T-shirts offer a broad range of customization options. Screenprinting and embroidery are the two more popular options. Embroidery adds a touch of class and is highly durable. The customization can be done on various parts of the t-shirt, such as the front, back, or sleeves, allowing for versatile design placements that best suit your brand's message and aesthetic​


When making mindful merchandise decisions, it is important to prioritize sustainability by looking for certifications such as GOTS organic cotton and Oeko-tex 100, which ensure that the materials used meet rigorous environmental and social standards and are produced under great conditions. Further, opting for t-shirts weighing a minimum of 180 grams to ensure durability and quality, making them more valued by recipients and providing assurance of lasting wear and satisfaction. Our regular t-shirt is 180 grams.
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