Prodir True Biotic PenProdir True Biotic Pen
Prodir True Biotic Pen
From €2
Prodir Metal Clip PenProdir Metal Clip Pen
Prodir Metal Clip Pen
From €2
Prodir Mini PenProdir Mini Pen
Prodir Mini Pen
From €1
Permanent Eco MarkerPermanent Eco Marker
Permanent Eco Marker
From €1
Grass PenGrass Pen
Grass Pen
From €1
Prodir Original PenProdir Original Pen
Prodir Original Pen
From €1
Prodir Soft Touch PenProdir Soft Touch Pen
Prodir Soft Touch Pen
From €2


Custom pens for your employees and customers

Custom Pens for Your Employees, Clients, or Partners

Custom pens are a classic yet effective choice for corporate merchandise and branding. Personalized with your logo or company message, they serve not only as practical items for daily use but also as subtle reminders of your brand's presence and professionalism. Whether it's jotting down notes during meetings or as giveaways at corporate events, these pens ensure your brand is always at the fingertips of your clients and employees.

Why Pens a great for Merchandise and Corporate Gifts

Pens are a staple in the promotional products industry due to their universal appeal and practical utility. Everyone needs a pen, making them a perfect item to embody your brand. Custom pens are carried around and used daily, providing ongoing exposure. Plus, they're easy to distribute at events or include in welcome packages, ensuring your brand reaches a wide audience with minimal effort.

Carefully Curated Brands

We understand the importance of quality and choice when it comes to corporate merchandise. That’s why we offer a selection of pens from renowned brands like Prodir and AGoodCompany. These brands are synonymous with quality and sustainability, ensuring that the pens are not only functional but also enhance the perceived value of your brand.

Customization Options

Our pens come with various customization options to perfectly align with your branding strategy. Most popular is pad printing which offers a lasting and solid color print. Most of our pens can be customized with your logo on the clip or the barrel.


When searching for an eco-friendly pen, consider a few key factors. Firstly, opt for a renowned manufacturer with extensive experience in the industry to ensure the pen's quality. After, assess materials made to produce the pen. We provide a range of options including recycled materials and eco-friendly alternatives like reclaimed ocean materials.
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