Moleskine NotebookMoleskine Notebook
Moleskine Notebook
From €13
Mishmash NotebookMishmash Notebook
Mishmash Notebook
From €13
Hardcover NotebookHardcover Notebook
Hardcover Notebook
From €6
Karst Stone Paper NotebookKarst Stone Paper Notebook
Karst Stone Paper Notebook
From €17
Paper Waste NotebookPaper Waste Notebook
Paper Waste Notebook
From €4
Mishmash Log CoverMishmash Log Cover
Mishmash Log Cover
From €12
Craft Stone Paper NotebookCraft Stone Paper Notebook
Craft Stone Paper Notebook
From €6
Custom Printet NotebookCustom Printet Notebook
Custom Printet Notebook
From €6


Custom notebooks for your employees and customers

Custom Notebooks for Your Employees, Clients, or Partners

Our custom notebooks are designed not only to be functional but also to mirror the sophistication and uniqueness of your brand. Perfect for jotting down inspirations or keeping crucial business notes, these notebooks can be personalized to reflect your company's identity, making them ideal gifts for employees, clients, or partners. With options ranging from luxurious leather to eco-friendly materials, you can ensure that your custom notebooks leave a lasting impression.

Why Notebooks a great for Merchandise and Corporate Gifts

Notebooks are a classic choice for corporate merchandise due to their practicality and versatility. They serve as a daily reminder of your brand, whether used in meetings, workshops, or personal reflections. Beyond their utility, custom notebooks help promote brand visibility in a subtle yet powerful way. Every time someone pulls out the notebook, your brand gets showcased, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining brand presence in various professional settings.

Carefully Curated Brands

At Sugarcoat, we select only the finest brands that align with both quality and environmental responsibility. Our range includes everything from Moleskine's classic elegance to innovative options like stone paper notebooks from Karst and German-produced Leuchtturm1917. Each brand is chosen for its commitment to sustainability and superior design, ensuring that the notebooks are not just useful but also align with modern aesthetic and ecological standards. We also partner with a custom notebook manufacturer allowing you to create your custom notebook completely from scratch.

Customization Options

The beauty of custom notebooks lies in their customization possibilities. You can choose to embellish them with your company logo, inspirational quotes, or artistic designs through various methods such as embossing, foil stamping, or printing. Whether you want a subtle logo on the cover or a bold custom design spread across the pages, these personal touches make the notebooks unique to your brand and memorable for the recipients. For our custom notebook series, we can also offer brand-specific pages in front, and inside of the notebook.


Sustainability is a cornerstone of our product selection, also when it comes to items like notebooks. All our notebooks are FSC-certified and the options range from sustainable stone paper, recycled paper, or simply high-quality notebooks from brands like Moleskine. Beyond the materials from which the notebook is made, Sugarcoat prioritizes the quality of the notebook to ensure it's a lasting corporate gift or employee merchandise product.
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