20 New Hire Welcome Kit Ideas

Sugarcoat - September 26, 2023
20 New Hire Welcome Kit Ideas

Welcoming new recruits with a nice onboarding kit sets a positive tone for their new adventure as employees and contributors to your company. A great employee onboarding kit is an effective way to create a sense of belonging and spark team spirit.

One of the important things to consider when putting together a welcome gift is to use quality and thoughtful products that represent your company well. Let’s take a closer look at what sort of products constitute a successful kit and how some of the well-known companies chose to do it.

Why create a new hire welcome box?

We all know that the first day at a new job is a significant event and that first impressions matter. A new hire welcome kit can help ease some of that nervousness and create excitement for the new team member. It is also a chance for your business to emphasise the company values, such as sustainability, productivity, or creativity, by using products that reflect the company culture. Use a welcome kit to share important information, while you make them feel like they are a part of the tribe at the same time.

How to build a new hire welcome box and onboarding kit?

Sharing your brand’s logo with the world is always a good thing, as long as it is printed on products that people are happy to wear and use. A really great t-shirt, a quality notebook, or a smart water bottle with filtering capacity can both inspire and encourage new team members to do great work.

20 examples of how Google, Meta, Figma, and other great companies welcome new employees

Use the list below to get inspiration and ideas about what you can put in a new-hire welcome kit. There are so many options available and lots of directions to go. Some boxes are very playful and creative, while others are sleek and practical. Notice how some businesses really manage to capture the spirit of their company with the design and choice of products.

Dropbox employee welcome kit

By ensuring that their employees always have a good cup of coffee and a classy, branded notebook at hand, the productive mood at Dropbox is set from day one! They have also added a bit of humour into the mix, which is a clever way to give the kit a bit of character.

Source: Dropbox

Google employee welcome kit

At Google, creativity and humour are important values, and their famous company culture shines through in this colourful set. We know them for being a company built around creative approaches, and a pair of dotted Google socks seems like a suitable way to be welcomed into the tribe.

Source: Google

Figma starter kit

New team members at Figma can quickly feel like a part of the gang with custom-made socks and quality t-shirts. Receiving a gift is a positive way to start a new job, and we all know how important first impressions are. Employees who feel appreciated tend to perform better than those who don’t.

Source: Figma

Revolut new hire welcome kit

Revolut welcomes their new talent with a sleek set of high-quality items in monochrome design, from head to toe. Printing one of the company’s most important values on the cap is a smart move as it clearly reinforces the company culture.

Source: Revolut Bank

Coinbase welcome gifts for new employees

This company ensures that their new recruits can be quick on their feet with products that reflect their values of clear communication and efficient execution. A versatile and stylish kit of this kind is sure to make newcomers feel welcome, while they also get an instant feel for the company culture.

Source: Coinbase

Amazon welcome box

Branded merchandise is a great way to welcome new team members and make sure that they remember the company slogan. Since every new addition to the team receives a starter kit, you can design a flyer that communicates what the company stands for to strengthen the company culture.

Source: Amazon Employee's Kit

First day kit at Dexatel

Dexatel gives their new team members a great start with a generous kit that consists of branded quality products. A branded backpack is a smart way to get some free marketing while also rewarding an employee with a practical and stylish item for the chosen few.

Source: Dexatel

Meta onboarding kit

Meta is using custom-made socks to share an important message with their new talent in a fun and creative way. Designing unusual labels is a smart way to personalise a starter kit. They have also included a branded postcard that the new employee can save as a memory.

Source: Meta/Facebook

Uber new hire welcome kit

Uber chose to welcome their new employees with a starter kit designed in their brand colours. Branded merchandise can be a great way to make new employees feel welcomed and part of the company. When employees feel like they belong, they are more likely to perform well at work.

Source: Uber Freight

Line welcome box

Line welcomes their new people with a sleek set of branded items that the employee can use to organise the new desk. With an organised desk, it is easier to be productive, so it benefits everyone. They have also included a gift voucher with a store credit to show their appreciation.

Source: Line by If Design

Boxed welcome box

A branded set with a water bottle, a notebook and a t-shirt is a classic way to welcome new employees to the tribe. The stickers and a welcome card add a bit of playfulness, which can help to relieve some of that first-day tension.

Source: Boxed

Welcome kit at Sandbox

What other way to welcome new employees at Sandbox than with a sandbox? They have included an action figure along with the handbook to lighten the mood, which is a wonderful way to create some balance in a starter kit.

Source: Sandbox

BCG employee onboarding kit

The consulting firm BCG welcomes new team members with a set of beautifully branded merchandise. With some mints and hand sanitiser gel their talents are all set for their first client meeting. An inverted logo is a clever way to create some variety among the gift items.

Source: Boston Consulting Group

N26 employee onboarding kit

This famous mobile banking team sets the tone with minimal, sleek branded merchandise combined with a deck of playing cards. It is a great way to break the ice and remind employees that it is not all work and no play. They have opted for both a bottle as well as a to-go cup to make sure their new employees are covered, which is a nice touch.

Source: N26 Neobank

Kakaopay new hire welcome kit

How fun would it be to receive this intricate employee onboarding kit on your first day at work? They help their new employees to organise the desk really well from day one, with everything from a name tag to a mug and a toothbrush. It is a unique kit that shows how much they care about their people.

Source: Kakaopay

Future welcome kit

New employees at Future receive a generous gift set that is sure to put a smile on their faces. The sense here is that the company has gone the extra mile hoping that their team members will return the favour. Creating a really lovely starter kit is a wonderful way to instil trust and get the good vibes flowing.

Source: Future

Nike new hire kit

Since Phil Knight, Nike’s founder, has written a memoir, it is an excellent welcome gift. This kit has brand relevance and includes a note especially written for their new employees. As you can see, they have opted for a very nice interior to elevate the look of the box.

Source: Nike

Ogilvy onboarding kit

Some companies emphasise the importance of literature and if that is the case for your company, including a book that can bring out the best in your employees could be an interesting addition to your starter kit. Ogilvy took the opportunity to brand the inside of the box as well, which adds a nice touch.

Source: Ogilvy

Apple welcome kit

This welcome pack for new employees includes branded merchandise and a note that creates excitement about the new journey at Apple. It is a smart way to emphasise company values and make people feel special.

Source: Apple

Cactus onboarding kit

New recruits at Cactus receive a kit that is carefully designed and unique. They opted for some important tools that will help their new team members do great work. Including a welcome letter printed on beautiful paper is a wonderful way to share information with the recruits on their first day.

Source: Cactus

What to include in an employee onboarding kit?

A box with welcome gifts for new employees is not only a way to show appreciation to new employees. It is also a great opportunity for a company to emphasise company values and share important information. Let the box reflect the character of your company and use it to make the new team member feel like a part of your tribe.

  • Company Swag - A high-quality branded sweatshirt or t-shirt will make your new recruit feel right at home. The trick is to use good products that people actually wear.
  • Important Information - Take the opportunity to share vital information, contact details and welcoming instructions.
  • Welcome Letter - A letter from the founder or CEO especially written to your new employees can be a nice way to welcome them to the team.
  • Desk Organisers - Branded desk organisers, name tag holders and coffee cups ensure that their desks look great from day one, whilst encouraging neatness and productivity.
  • Conversation Pieces - Something fun and quirky can help to relieve some of the first-day jitters and be a helpful conversation starter.
  • Gift Card - A gift card to the local coffee shop or bookstore is a nice gesture.
  • Literature - If the company founder has written a book or a certain title that really captures the spirit of a company it can be a great addition to the starter kit.
  • Snacks - A bag of nuts, some coffee beans or tea bags can add a bit of warmth to your welcome kit.

At Sugarcoat, we take pride in selecting quality, sustainable products, and helping you create products that your employees, customers, and partners actually want to use. We would love to help you design and create your onboarding- and employee welcome kit. Check out all our products here or view a catalogue of 100+ inspirations for merchandise.

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